Earth Drills // Trucks

Growing in popularity, truck cranes allow a great deal of flexibility when working off site. On-board hydraulics allow trucks to deliver materials where no loading facilities are available.

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Equally, remote working can be made easy by using the truck crane boom for earth drilling operations. Flat bed trucks equipped with Truck Crane Earth Drills turn telegraph and power pole as well as street light installations into a single man operation and foundation piling can all be facilitated with the use of one vehicle.

The Auger Torque Earth Drill 3000-7000TC series of auger drives is specifically designed for Truck Cranes taking into account their unique flow and pressure requirements. Just like all of Auger Torques planetary drives this series of drives incorporates Auger Torque’s unique Non-Dislodgement shaft, a must have safety feature and like all our products are built to the most exacting standards using only high quality materials and the latest manufacturing techniques available.


product specifications
MODEL 3000TC 5500TC 7000TC
Oil Pressure Range 80 – 260 Bar 80 – 260 Bar 80 – 260 Bar
Torque Range 959 – 3116 Nm 1685 – 5477 Nm 2098 – 6819 Nm
Oil Flow Range 5 – 35 lpm 15 – 50 lpm 15 – 50 lpm
Speed Range 7 – 46 rpm 11 – 38 rpm 9 – 30 rpm
Hub Options 65mm Round 75mm Square 75mm Square
Height 665 mm 780 mm 780 mm
Width 244 mm 269 mm 269 mm
Weight 73 kg 108 kg 110 kg
Hitch Option Rope Wind Hitch Rope Wind Hitch Rope Wind Hitch
Auger Range S4 S5 S5
Rec. Drilling Diameter Range 100-600 mm 150-800 mm 150-1000 mm