DIGGERTEC™ is a division of BLACKSTONE IMEX Ltd., a trading corporation initially founded in 1977.
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In 2011, DIGGERTEC™ become an independant part of the BLACKSTONE IMEX Group.

DIGGERTEC™ was established to develop the industrial products Division, which presently includes


Dealing as a service provider for our worldwide operating product partners, we do always seek for producers of high-class products. Our customers preferences are products carrying the label „Made in EU“, and preferably produced in accordance to Fairtrade and ecological values.

Today, mainly due to the specialization within the e-commerce, product requirements move from Standard to Premium. This is truly a chance for small and mid size companies to sell their high class products to the entire world.

If you found yourself within this fast growing market, we shall be very pleased to get back in touch with you.

For a first contact, please ring us at +353 (0)87 1621918 (IRELAND) or +49 (0)172 2652389  (CONTINENTAL EUROPE)  or use our contact form